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To make the choice easier for one to buy the best make-up brush as per one’s requirements, here are a few tips:

1) Type of Brush Hair

  • You will generally get brushes made of both fiber bristles and natural hairs in the market, with both having their specific individual uses.
  • Synthetic brushes: They are great to use when you are using liquid makeup products such as concealers. Usually made of nylon or polyester these brushes are also cheaper as compared to those made with natural hairs. Due to their strong built, they are also easier to clean and maintain. They are also preferred by animal lovers, who are not comfortable with using animal products.
  • Natural Brushes: These refer to brushes made using natural hair of animals which offer a softer feel while using them to apply makeup on the face. They are gentle on the skin and perfectly suitable for people who have very sensitive skin. Just like natural hair, they have cuticles which hold the makeup color pigments for easy application.

The favorite natural brushes are those which are made from the hair of blue squirrels which are a little expensive, with other options being those made from the hairs of goats, ponies etc. Another ranch of natural brushes are the vegan ones which are made from plant fibers. Even the brush handles are formed out of sustainable and recyclable materials like banboo.

2) Comfort level

First and foremost you need to be comfortable holding the brush and using it to apply makeup on your body parts, especially the face. Check out the actual hair type, brush length and make before you buy. Select the one that you are very comfortable holding and which offers you a very sturdy grip.

Even the formation of the bristles is very important as a fluffy spread out bristle is more suitable for powder applications while a sharp, tight layout of the bristles would help you lay on makeup more delicately and in the precise areas, you want to target. Thin sharp brushes are preferred as eyeliners, while thick flat brushes are preferred to apply the foundation.

3) Your usage

While it makes sense to have all the different types of brushes as a part of your makeup kit, it would not be practical to carry all of them along when you are travelling to the office or for an event. Select one or two brushes such as concealers, eyeliners or lip brushes which can help you apply the basic makeup within minutes and be ready for sudden outing plans, be it with office colleagues or with your loved ones after office hours.

Based on your usage you could have a collection that has more of foundation brushes and eye shadow brushes etc. which you can use comfortably to apply makeup at home.

4) The shape of the brush

While flat shaped brushes are good for applying the foundation, dome-shaped brushes are more preferred due to the smoothness with which one can use it on one’s face. Flat shaped brushes can help you apply the makeup more evenly and in layers, till you get the precise results you are looking for in your makeup brush.

5) Affordability

Given the huge collection of makeup products, it is no wonder that there is such a large collection of hair brushes to select and buy from. Two important aspects that one needs to consider while buying a makeup brush is its quality and price. While obviously, the best quality brushes will be higher on the price spectrum, one should look for a middle ground wherein one does not compromise on the quality, but not pay too high a price either.

In such tight budget scenarios, it is better to look for brushes that can have multiple uses and can easily be carried, instead of buying 2-3 different ones that basically do the same thing. Consider having a foundation brush, along with one for the eyes and another one for the lips to maintain a small compact collection of brushes.

Given the necessity of always being well-groomed and presentable, women especially need to make sure that they have their basic makeup kits with them. While it may not be practical and feasible to carry everything a few makeup essentials and brushes should work appropriately.

Makeup brushes are available in many variants, sizes, shapes and the type of hair used to make them, which sometimes makes the decision to buy them a little difficult.

Considering the same, we suggest starting with 2 to 3 brushes initially as a part of your collection and then increasing your collection once you feel the need to have more specialist brushes for the different makeup applications. One way to ensure the longevity of your makeup brushes is by ensuring you clean and maintain them periodically with the proper makeup brush cleansers.