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Ergonomic Mouse – Everything You Need to Know

Long hours of work sitting in front of the system is a common scenario. You would need the right gadget ad accessories to simplify your task. Ergonomic mice are designed in a unique shape to provide complete supports to your arm, wrist and thumb. They are designed to address medical issues, and these mice are designed with efficiency and comfort in mind.

They are equipped with contours, thumb rests, and large grips, which are not found in standard office mouse. To sum up, we can say that these mice are designed to provide you with complete comfort.

What’s an ergonomic mouse, anyway?

Mice are available at different prices, and people may think that all of them have the same features. But in reality, people do not spend much time learning about the functionality and feature of the mouse they are buying. Prolonged use of the mouse can impact health as well.

Also, the features greatly impact the functioning of the mouse; hence, it becomes important that you must choose the right kind of mouse, which is easy on your hand as well. The reason behind this selection is their accuracy power, and if you want to take control over the cursor, then you must choose an ergonomic mouse.

You must choose a mouse which has thumb rests and the latest software features. Plus, the scrolling wheel is important because you cannot scroll up or down the pages without a scrolling wheel. If you work on your computer or desktop more than 5-6 hours a day, then you can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

To prevent this problem, you can choose an ergonomic mouse, and it can reduce your wrist pain. You do not need to use any wrist rest on your desk, and you can just replace your old optical mouse with an ergonomic mouse.

Are gaming mice good?

According to some researches, it has been proved that people using gaming mouse are not affected by wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. Your boss may not allow you to use a gaming mouse in your office because it seems to be odd in your office environment. But, a gaming mouse can help you to reduce your wrist pain, and you can use its in-built software and buttons to complete your work faster.

Modern gaming mice are designed with RGB lights and black chassis, and they have different optical resolutions such as 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz. You can use 1000Hz for faster movement. There are few gaming mice available that are compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, and Linux, and you need to install their drive to use them properly.

Ergonomic mice are designed with a subtle curve, and they are perfect for right-handed users. They have programmable thumb buttons, and you can connect them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. They are completely wireless mice, and you can use them within their limited range. But, if you suffer from wrist pain, then you can use a gel wrist rest to alleviate some stress.

Optimized for the office?

Ergonomic mice are best for your office because you need to spend more time on your desk in your office, and you can use such a mouse to alleviate your wrist pain. But, a gaming mouse can create some trouble in your office because it is generally made for gaming purpose and it is optimized with some software which is made for video games, not for office programs.

But, you can find some ergonomic mice in the market for office work. Most of them are designed with deep textured thumb groove, and you can use them for a longer period of time. Since these mice will be rigorously used, it becomes important that you must choose a mouse which is robust.

You need to check their sensitivity or optical resolution before you buy because if you need to cover vast screen distances with your mice then you have to press your wrist down for frequent movements, and it will create stress on your wrist. In this case, you can use a gel wrist pad to reduce your wrist pain.

Apart from that, you can choose a mouse which has side buttons. It cannot reduce your wrist pressure and pain, but it can move the pressure from the bottom to the side of your wrist. If you have pain on the bottom of your wrist, then you can use such mice.

How to choose an ergonomic mouse?

You must choose a mouse that does not fill your entire hand. There are some large-sized mice available that can cover your entire hand, and you cannot move them comfortably. If you choose a large mouse, then you cannot use your fingers and hand to manipulate the cursor, and they are not good for precise movements.

• You can choose a wireless mouse to feel comfortable because you can suffer from shoulder pain by using a USB mouse. You can easily move a wireless mouse to left and right in front of your keyboard, and you can adjust it as per your body proximity to reduce your wrist pain.

• If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, then you must choose an ergonomic mouse which can be used with both hands. Apart from that, ergonomic mice must have adjustable DPI, and you can easily increase the speed of the cursor according to your needs.

• You must choose an ergonomic mouse which can easily lift off the mouse mat or desk. You need to lift the mouse to re-position the cursor, especially when you work with the edge of a page, and you must choose a mouse which can be lifted off from the desk or mouse pad.


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