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Introduction To Different Types of Computer Mouse

People may know about the standard computer mouse, but many have only rudimentary knowledge when it comes to the mouse they use and the variants available in the market. Hardly we know about the technicalities of the mouse. But, here we are unveiling interesting information about mice available in the market.

To choose the best mice, you need to check their optical resolution. Nowadays, you can find some alternatives for mouse such as touchscreen display, digital pens and voice assistance. But, without a mouse, you cannot complete your official work because you cannot control your PC with such a graphical user interface (GUI).

How would you choose the best computer mouse?

One of the first things that you need to decide is whether you need a wired mouse or wireless one. Wireless mice have become very popular nowadays; they are easy to use, give you mobility and freedom to work as per your comfort.

Moreover, you don’t really have to worry about detangling the wires. So to avoid all the mess and keep your desk spick and spank, a wireless mouse is the best. These wireless mice are designed with rechargeable or chargeable batteries.

Now there are wired mice which are the conventional ones. These are connected via USB cable to your keyboard. These are best suited for gaming or for graphic designing; then you must choose the wired mouse. Wired mice have less connectivity issue, and they can be connected through the USB port.

Apart from that, you need to check the latency of the mouse before you choose because input leg latency can create much trouble during your game. The sensitivity of a mouse is measured by its dots per inch or DPI. If you choose a mouse with a higher DPI, then you do not need to move your mousse vigorously. So always choose a mouse which has higher DPI, less latency and strong connectivity.

To choose the best quality mouse, you need to select the best supplier or manufacturer. Most of these mice are designed by top companies in China, and you can check their reviews before you choose.

What are the different kinds of mice available in the market?

Wired mouse: This is a common type of mouse which can be connected via USB port. You can use such mice with your computer and laptop. Wired mice are designed with a higher optical resolution, and they have a scrolling wheel which can help you to zoom in or out. Plus, you can scroll them horizontally and vertically to work on your spreadsheets or presentations.

They are known as an office computer mouse, and you must check their optical resolution and DPI before you choose. These mice do not require any battery, and you do not need to install any drive or software to install them on your computer.

Wireless mouse: Wireless mice are designed with 2.4G wireless technology. There are two types of the wireless mouse such as Bluetooth mouse and RF mouse. Most of the Bluetooth mice are designed with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and you can easily connect them via Bluetooth. But, you cannot connect the RF mouse with Bluetooth, and you need to use Wi-Fi connectivity to connect such mice. You can use both the mice with your laptop, computer and notebook.

They have different types of optical resolutions like 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400, and you can choose the best one according to your needs. Bluetooth mice can connect your device through their strong transmission signals, and you can face some interference in their signals once you exceed their range. These mice are designed with batteries, and you need to charge their battery to use them for a longer period of time.

Ball mouse: This was the first invention which was used with the computers, and these mice have a rubber ball to track the motion. These are also known as a mechanical mouse. You move the mouse and spin the ball in a direction, and its sensor will detect the cursor automatically.

Wheel mouse: If you are looking for a mouse for Mac Book or Windows computer, then you can choose this wheel mouse. These mice are known as trackball mouse. You do not need to move your arm to detect the cursor, and you can control the cursor by using your thumb.

These are wireless mice, and you can connect them via Bluetooth. Most of them are designed with a non-chargeable battery, and you need to replace their battery after one or two years.

Apart from that, wheel mice are available in different forms such as optical, wired and wireless. You can find a small wheel between the right and left click buttons, and you can use this scrolling wheel to scroll up or down the pages.

Optical mouse: Optical mice are widely used today, and they come with LED light buttons. You can find a rubber ball on these mice, and they are similar to mechanical mice. The LED detects the movement of the mouse and helps you to control the cursor.

But, you cannot use such mouse on the normal mouse pad, and you need to use it on clear glass or plastic surfaces.
Laser mouse: Laser mice are similar to optical mice, but they do not have any LED light. Such mice are designed with a laser beam, and you need to use a laser mouse on glass or plastic surface. But, laser mice do not have a better optical resolution.

Blue track mouse: Blue track mouse is a key product of Microsoft, and they have different types of blue track mice such as Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse. They are designed with a 4-way scroll wheel, and you can use them to navigate the cursor. These mice are designed with image sensor, and pixel geometry technology, which can detect the movement on any surface.

Touchpad: you may find a touchpad on your laptop and these are known as glide pads. The touchpad functions similar to a mouse. You can touch this pad with your fingers to control the cursor, and you can find two buttons on your touchpad. You can use these buttons for left and right-click, just like a normal mouse.

Gaming mouse: there are different types of gaming mouse available in the market, and most of them are designed with a USB socket.

You need to choose the gaming mouse according to the operating system such as windows mouse, RGB laptop gaming mouse or Vista Linux mouse. They are designed with two DIP button, and you can adjust the resolution of your screen by using such buttons.

Apart from that, you can find some other types of the mouse such as a vertical mouse, stylus mouse, track-point mouse and foot mouse. Vertical mice are wireless mice, and they are designed with 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI.

Final Thoughts- These are some of the popular variants of mice available in the market. You can get them at a very reasonable rate online. Make sure that you check the features and compatibility of the mouse before purchasing it; this will help you have a seamless experience using the mouse.

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